Associate Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Oxford

Program Director
Samsung AI Center, Cambridge

Kellogg College
University of Oxford

Google Scholar

OxMLSys Lab

  • June 2018: EPSRC Fellowship awarded 3 years “MOA: High Efficiency Deep Learning for Embedded and Mobile Platforms”.

  • April 2018: Opera: “Opportunistic Passive Radar for Non-Cooperative Contextual Sensing” EPSRC £1.6M GBP.

  • October 2016: “Study of Tensorflow©‐based Low Precision Approaches for Small Footprint Deep Models with Comparisons to Existing Methods” Google Faculty Research award PI, $67,000 USD

  • Dec. 2010: “Research in the App‐Store© Era” Amazon AWS Education Research Grant Co-°©‐PI, $6,000 USD